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What to Expect

Your First Bottle of Fibrovan (Days 1-30)

  • Rapid pain relief
  • Less pelvic pressure
  • Fewer cramps
  • Reduced bleeding
  • Less backaches
  • Fewer clots
  • Bloating reduced
  • Bowel symptoms gone
  • Nausea gone
  • Energy level increases

Your Second Bottle of Fibrovan (Days 30-60)

  • Continued improvement of all symptoms
  • Energy level much higher
  • Anemia reversed
  • Menstrual periods become regular
  • Number of bleeding days reduced
Important: While successful for the majority of users, not all women respond to Fibrovan.
If after 60 days you haven't realized any of the benefits described above, please return your order for a full refund and schedule a visit with your doctor to discuss medical/surgical treatment options.

Fibrovan for Maintenance and Prevention

  • Prevention of new fibroids
  • Bloating decreases
  • Stomach begins to shrink

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